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Medical Benefits


Are there medical benefits to visiting Crystal Blue?

•Absolutely! The number one guaranteed benefit is immersing yourself in a relaxing, stress-reducing environment. Stress reduction is one of the major contributors to good health. In addition, many of our spa treatments are geared to eliminate those annoying everyday aches and pains.



Arrival Time


How early should I arrive for my spa appointment?

•Arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your first visit: allow yourself ample time to change and familiarize yourself with the facilities, as well as fill out all paperwork.





May I wear makeup?

•You’re welcome to wear makeup, but it will be removed prior to certain treatments, such as facials.





Do I have to disrobe entirely for my Spa treatment?

•It’s completely up to you, although undergarments aren't necessary. However, if you prefer, a bathing suit can be worn. But, keep in mind, therapist are trained to drape towels and sheets discreetly over any areas of your body not involved in the treatment. Your privacy will be protected at all times.





Should I remove my jewelry?

•It’s best that you not bring valuables to the Spa, although rings may remain in place.



Treatment Help


Is there someone to help me decide what treatments are best for me?

•Yes. Our service coordinators will help plan a program of treatments to suit your needs and interests.



Things to Ask


May I ask the therapist to adjust certain things to increase my comfort?

•Definitely. It’s your time, and you should enjoy the experience to the fullest. Ask for an adjustment in room temperature, for example, position of the draping, or the amount of pressure applied during your massage. Please ask for what you need!


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